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Is Innernaut good for you?

The very 1st thing with any therapy is safety.

Whatever benefits may be possible the 1st question should be: Is it safe for you?

This program is not good for everybody!

Do not attend this program if you have psychosis disease, uncontrollable drug or alcohol dependency or if you had suicidal behavior in the past.  There are better programs for you if you suffer from those conditions.

If you are considering to take this course we would suggest that we together figure out whether it is the right tool for you.

It may be an unusual program, maybe more flexible or whatever – still – it is a therapy and should be treated as such.

The thing with therapies is that they are not necessarily “cozy”, at times – may be perceived as tough.

In the Innernet clinic, before we start any treatment, we use different tests that can help to take the right decision on whether Innernaut program is a good choice or if there are better options for you.

Therefore I suggest that you take the following test in order to take right decision: